EIC - Horizon EIC Transition project: Precision Hearing Diagnostics and Augmented-hearing Technologies (EarDiTech)

ERC - POC project: A diagnostic test for cochlear synaptopathy in humans (CochSyn test

H2020 project: Early environmental quality and life-course mental health effects (Equal life)

FWO project: Vestibular infant screening - Flanders (VIS-Flanders)

BOF - IOP project: Portable hearing diagnostics: Monitoring of auditory-nerve integrity after noise exposure (EarDiMon

ERC project: Robust speech encoding in impaired hearing (RobSpear)

DFG project: Impact of hearing impairment on the source generators of auditory evoked potentials 

BOF project: The DUCK project: Distraction from learning by Unrelated auditory events assessed by Computational modeling and Knowledge extraction from single-trial electroencephalography.