In the media

  • "Het hoorapparaat van de toekomst is een hearable." Prof Sarah Verhulst on hearing diagnosis and hearing aids in the future in Private Expert (p. 20-24, in Dutch).
  • In December 2022, Prof. Sarah Verhulst received the award "Laureaat van de Academie" van de klasse Technische Wetenchappen. This is one of the most prestigious awards of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts. Young, promising researchers (up to 40 years old), whose main activity is situated in Flanders, are eligible for this. 
  • "European funding for innovative research at Ghent University that detects and treats hearing loss"
  • "Hier ontwikkelen we betere gehoordiagnostiek en hoorapparaten" with Prof. Sarah Verhulst about our sound proof room in UGent'ers magazine Editie 5 (p. 38-39, in Dutch)
  • Prof. Georgios Spyropoulos (WAVES, GASP) obtained the prestigious Odysseus grant for conducting his research on “Soft integrated ion-based circuits for diagnostics and closed-loop neurological interventions”.
    FWO press release (26/3/2021): Research Foundation - Flanders - Results Odysseusprogramme 2020 (
  • Universiteit van Vlaanderen visits the Hearing Technology labo @ WAVES. Hear more about our sound proof rooms, measuring methods (EEG, numerical models, and sound perception) in this podcast (Dutch).
  • Prof. Verhulst's research for innovatieve technologies in hearing diagnostics and hearing aids are featured in the fall edition of AIG nieuws (in Dutch, Alumni society of UGent, pages 6-9). [PDF]
  • Science radio on Hidden Hearing Loss and the dangers of noise exposure: In the secondh half of the program "Mensentaal" on Dutch podcast available here.
  • A short video on Hidden Hearing Loss (Synaptopathy) and its challenges for hearing diagnostics, prevention and treatment: